In 2016 I received my Life Coaching certification from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. It was the first of many, many courses I took there over the next five years. I think it felt somewhat "safe" as I stepped into the creation of who I was becoming as I had been mentoring and coaching real estate agents and staff for a whole bunch of years. It was a beautiful journey and a great way to start my training. I absolutely loved coaching others and helping them reach their next level.

In January of 2021 I stepped into a different kind of coaching program, BodyMind Coaching with Laura Wieck. I spent the next 9+ months in this training and honestly, it was one of the best investments I have ever made. It took coaching to a whole new level for me and opened my mind up to so many possibilities for truly supporting my clients in a new way, a much deeper way.

In BodyMind Coaching, we engage the three brains in the body... yes, you have three brains! (Makes you feel kind of smart, right?!!!) When we bring the FEELING and the INTUITION of the body into creating the life we want, it's a powerful experience!

BodyMind sessions have an entire other dimension of creation. They are so empowering! I can help support you in discovering what you REALLY want, and more importantly, how you want to FEEL, rather than only using the brain in the head which sometimes tells us what we think we SHOULD want.

‚ÄčI currently offer BodyMind Coaching in a couple of different formats. You can schedule a one-time session or a monthly subscription is available which includes two sessions per month at a discounted rate.  All coaching sessions are done over Zoom.

If you are looking to do some even deeper work, I would love to tell you more about my 12-week program, "Who the (Bleep) am I?" It is the same program I went through with BodyMind Coaching with Laura Wieck and is truly life changing! I am so excited and passionate about my program that I can hardly stand it! You can click here to learn more and set up a complimentary discovery call if that feels right for you!

If you are a Holistic Practitioner who would love to take Laura's program, visit to learn more. Tell them I sent you!

"BodyMind Coaching (TM) is an EMBODIED conversation that gives voice to the body so that you can make empowered choices in your life."

Laura Wieck, Founder BodyMind Coaching

Integrative Healing