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Intuitive Life Coaching

Coaching is a collaboration, or partnership, between coach and client. Coaching is about moving you forward from where you are in your life to where you want to be. Coaching focuses on the present, not the past. Coaches are not counselors or advisors. Coaching is about outcomes and possibilities. It is approached with curiosity and fascination, not assumptions. How could an Intuitive Life Coach help you?

My mission is to empower you to transform your life. If you could possibly be even 10% happier, would you do it?

My Pledge to You as Your Intuitive Life Coach:

  • I will honor the time we are together and hold your confidences.
  • I will not judge you and will respect your perceptions of the world.
  • It is not my job to change you. It is my privilege to bring awareness, clarity of choices and, if you choose, action to your life.
  • This is my personal commitment: to be impeccable with my word and to keep my commitment to you.
  • I will present an open heart.
  • I will always hold you in positive focus. We will concentrate on what is working in your life and how to create more that will work for you.

I believe you have all the answers within. A your Intuitive Life Coach, I will help you find them!

Intuitive Life Coach Coaching Options:

Single 60 Minute Intuitive Life Coach Tele-Session $125 (Phone or Zoom)

Four 60 Minute Intuitive Life Coach Tele-Sessions per Month, Save 20%, $400 billed monthly

Two 60 Minute Intuitive Life Coach Tele-Sessions per Month, Save 15%,  $212.50 billed monthly

One 60 Minute Intuitive Life Coach Tele-Session per Month, Save 10%, $112.50 billed monthly

Package of Ten 60 Minute Intuitive Life Coach Sessions, Save 5%, $1187.50