Integrative Healing

SEA Therapy - Sacred Energetic Alignment - RELEASE, RELEASE, RELEASE!

The Sacred Energetic Alignment creates a space of healing that aligns you energetically with your life’s purpose and your soul’s journey through connecting you with your intuition and higher self. It creates an energetic bond of living from your heart space, giving you the tools to realize you are a spiritual being having a physical experience so that you may align with your next soul level expansion.

What it is:

SEA Therapy is a process through which a practitioner works with a client to release stagnant energy, old karma, outdated beliefs, and entities and attachments that are slowing you down, as well as low frequencies in the chakras, energy field and physical body. This session also includes a healing session with Reiki and Theta healing. You will connect your heart and your intuition through a process we call deep coupling followed by sacred attunements to clear out your heart and crown chakras and align you with your higher self/source leaving you feeling centered, focused, and grounded and connected to Spirit energetically. The client is also taught a process for keeping their chakras and energy field clear on a daily basis and how to protect themselves energetically from other people’s negative energy, attachments, and psychic energy in just a few minutes a day.

Stagnant energy cleared from the body and aura

Chakras are aligned and balanced

Low frequencies, attachments, cords, implants and tags are cleared from your energy field.

Verbal and emotional release of limitations such as fear, anger, jealousy, expectations, grief, etc.

Energy healing with Reiki , Theta, and other energy healing.

Your heart and crown chakra are connected and aligned to allow you to receive direct connection to your higher self.

You will be shown how to ground, clear and protect yourself daily in a very simple practice that only takes a few minutes.

Each session lasts about one hour. During our intake we will help you set a specific intention for your session, so please allow an extra 15 minutes for your first session.