East Valley Healing

2450 S Arizona Ave

Chandler AZ 85286


BodyMind Coach, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist




COVID Update! We are back to a regular schedule for in person sessions! Per CDC guidelines and recommendations, we request all clients wear a mask in the treatment room. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Hopefully this will be temporary!

Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Energy Healing & Hypnosis


My name is Kerri Wade and I am the owner of East Valley Healing in Chandler. My practice specializes in helping working moms and busy professionals go from feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, unsupported, unappreciated and frayed at the edges to feeling whole and balanced, calm and peaceful, healthier and happier so they can be better moms, partners and professionals.

I provide the structure for transformation through intuitive BodyMind coaching, hypnotherapy and energy healing.

I believe that many of us are living with chronic stress that impacts our well-being, health and peace of mind. If you are feeling stuck, alone or anxious, and are ready to change that crappy thought loop in your head, I’d love to talk to you! My own life experiences and the guidance of my intuition has brought me to this moment where I can support other women as they choose to step out of the pain and fear and into their authentic selves! I offer a complimentary consultation phone call if you're not sure what to choose! Click here to schedule now.

Kerri Wade, East Valley Healing. I help you kill stress before it kills you!